The Meditation Course

Learn how to reduce stress, improve concentration and find peace and contentment with the simple and powerful practice of meditation.

This course looks both at how meditation can help us in our daily lives and how we can progress to the ultimate goal of spiritual practice.

We start from the basics of how meditation works, how the mind’s habits are formed and how they can be overcome to helpful tips on how to establish a daily practice.

Taking inspiration from the meditation masters, we explore the fundamental questions of our existence:

  • ‘If there is such a thing as happiness and why is it not there all the time?’
  • ‘Who am I?’
  • ‘What is consciousness?’
  • ‘Do I exist beyond the birth and death of this physical body?’

Since ancient times, many have asked these universal questions in their quest to find the truth of existence. Shiva Rudra Balayogi is a master of modern times who has attained the highest goal of spirituality, Self Realization. In this course we explore his teachings based on his direct experiences in deep meditation.

This course is led by volunteers who have been trained by Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji).

Suitable for anyone with an interest in meditation and spirituality, from beginner to those with years of experience and those of any or no particular faith.

The Meditation course is in 4 parts over 4 weeks. (Every Tuesday 7 - 8:15 pm). It is possible to come to any number of parts.

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Less Stress for Students

This course is designed for students. It is widely agreed that students are under more stress due to exams and social pressures than any previous generations.

The course looks at techniques to improve concentration and attention and reduce the effect of stress in our lives with a simple but effective meditation technique. It also looks at how we can manage our lives so we can be less stressed and happier.

Suitable for anyone, including those new to meditation and those of any or no particular faith.

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