Greed and need are totally different.

As Babaji says, ‘Greed and need are totally different. You work for the need, but if you become greedy. A simple example I have given, you want to eat one cup of ice cream, you eat- that is the need. If you cannot stop yourself and go on eating ten, twenty, thirty.. In the beginning, you think that the same icecream is giving you so much of happiness and enjoyment, the same ice cream is going to put you into trouble and unhappiness. So that’s what is the need and greed.’

Through meditation as our mind becomes settled and under our control, we will be able to understand what our needs are and not go into a greed. Going into a greed can be disastrous- as we look in the world, the planet has ample resources to fulfil the needs of everyone, but not their greed. If we start wanting more and more, never being satisfied and ignoring other’s basic needs also, then conflicts and problems arise.

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