In meditation don’t be hard on yourself


In meditation do you think there is a balance between being hard on yourself but gentle on yourself at the same time?


I wouldn’t recommend you to be hard on yourself. Gentle but firm. Firm means determined, not to give up. But for that you don’t have to bang your head. Do not give up, like say no with a smile-type of thing. So like that you can continue. ‘…’ – be there. Be gentle but don’t give up. And apply the technique. To apply the technique you just have to be gentle. You don’t have to be forcing. Simply understand the technique that we are teaching, like ‘just watch inbetween eyebrows’. And once you think it is a game you are playing you start enjoying and you don’t want to give up. Thus automatically you become dedicated, disciplined and patience also comes. ‘I’m not going to give up, I need this’- when you understand. So adopt all these techniques and words that we keep advising and just be gentle and firm, no need to be hard.

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