Enjoying the process of bringing the mind back

The mind may not want to be quiet when we close the eyes and focus the mind in meditation.

So here, our attitude is key.

If we think to ourselves, ‘This is too tough, too many thoughts, this meditation won’t work’, then it appears difficult to us and we would likely stop putting in our efforts.

But if we think, ‘All I need to do is continue with the technique, it’s easy’, then it becomes easy. Like a tennis player when facing a strong opponent will enjoy the challenge of the game, the mind focused simply on the shot at hand.

The mind, because it is so used to thinking and making judgements constantly will resist becoming quiet. But if we can keep going, keep going, gently bringing the mind back, then that effort will be stored like a deposit account. The more we practice, the more the skill of meditating comes and the thoughts will subside. Our mind comes under our control.

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