How do we know we are progressing in meditation?

As we start regularly practising meditation, we may wonder how to tell if we are progressing. Here the Meditation Master, Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) outlines what the real experiences to count on are.

Babaji, how do we know that we are progressing? Are there any milestones?

Some of the basic things are more peace descends on your mind, mind’s agitations all decrease. For every small thing it can become hurt and become egotistical. All these things decrease and you will feel more secure. These are the real experiences; more peace descends. That means you are really progressing. So you are able to have the mind focusing into the present whenever you are working, whenever you are in activity, whatever you are trying to do. Mind will be more focused, and the anxiety about the future or brooding about the past, all these start disappearing. These are the real experiences to count on.

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