The mind never stays into one type of imagination

‘The mind never stays into one type of imagination. If you could have simply imagined all the pleasant things that you want you could have continued and remained happy all the time, but it doesn’t happen for anybody. Sometimes like mornings when you get up the mind would be very fresh if you have had a sound sleep but suddenly, unknown to you, the mind starts imagining. In the beginning it always imagines pleasant things – nobody wants any unpleasantness. But as the day passes by you never know when the mind slips into unpleasantness also, it holds onto all sorts of imaginations – good, bad, right, wrong, evil or whatever it is it slips into unpleasantness. Though nobody wants unpleasantness but one is unable to control those unpleasant thoughts coming -that keeps coming, because mind has absorbed these things either from this world or from its own imagination habits that it has picked up.

To cleanse this is the process of this sadhana, which is known as meditation in ancient terminologies.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

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