Look into our own self to remedy the problem

Our mind can easily become stressed, anxious, tense. We may attribute this to so many reasons, the surroundings, the way of life that we would have adopted, our family or friends, these people, those people. We would be making judgements, “People are not behaving properly, they are not doing this thing or that thing.” There is conflict; hundreds of millions of things could be giving us a hurt feeling, a bad feeling, an unhappiness, a dissatisfaction, all these things we would try and attribute to our stress. But instead of that, if we try to look into our own self, “Why is this experience happening to us in our mind? Is it really that everybody is as bad as we think, or might the truth be something else? Perhaps we are simply thinking like that, that is why it appears to be bad?” Whatever we imagine, the same thing appears to us. So that is the trick of the mind always, and it is this mind which is making us to experience that unhappiness.

All these judgements build up in the mind and make life unenjoyable and tough. But when we practice meditation everyday, these unnecessary thoughts and judgements can all be purified and let go. The mind recedes and cools down. We would be able to consider others more, concentrate better on our necessary tasks and all the time gain that real peace in the mind.

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