Let all the definitions disappear

It is the habit of the mind to want to define things in a particular way. This is like this and it is a good thing, I like it. That is like that and I don’t like it. Constantly we are defining everything we come across in certain ways, based on how they appear to us. It is important to define things in the world for communication purposes. But these same definitions can also become a hindrance to gaining peace in the mind.

In order to experience true peace we need to be able to let go of those millions of definitions that are filling up our mind. They make our mind restless and constantly into cravings – it is this which gives us stress and takes us away from the truth. Meditation is a purification process where all the definitions that we have made rise up in the mind and disappear as we just watch them but don’t get involved.

As we allow this process to happen, the mind recedes as it has no job to imagine. When the mind recedes that is when we gain true clarity and peace. As the great masters of meditation went on meditating in this way for a long, long time they stopped making any definitions at all and realised the Truth of their own Existence. As Babaji says, ‘it is a dumbfounding experience’. They realised it was the Truth because you cannot define it in any way. If we were to try and define it, we are limiting it to our own definition, like trying to measure the all-pervading space with a measuring tape. They simply called it ‘That’ (Tattva).

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