Keep working and don’t worry about the outcome

We may have things we want to happen in life. Things to achieve for ourselves or for others.

We can go on working in that direction if we believe it to be the right way. If we want something for our children, our family, we go on working. If we want to earn, we work to earn, if we want to achieve something, we work to achieve. But the important thing that is alerted is, when the result comes, we don’t feel any disappointment ever, we don’t feel frustrated, we don’t go into a depression. If we can simply accept it, keep smiling and think, ‘next time I will try again’ then the result doesn’t affect us negatively – we can remain positive.

If like this we can simply keep going then our mind becomes unconfused and at peace. We just do what we think is right, and don’t get affected by the outcome. This is what is practised in meditation. The attitude of just applying the technique and going ahead, without bothering if there are many thoughts or no thoughts, good thoughts or bad thoughts. So then the mind just gets into the job of doing it and starts to become concentrated, eventually receding and becoming quiet and at peace.

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