The boundless ocean

The mind is infinite, like a boundless ocean.

When we gradually give up the habitual thinking which limits us, which gives us stress, tension and fear, we become broad minded, thinking of others and a larger cause. Eventually we can go back to the original Self of who we really are.

As the Masters say, that real Self is supremely peaceful and doesn’t need anything for its existence. It is contented in itself.

There is a story which Babaji gives to demonstrate how when we are consumed into our habitual thinking, we forget that this peace is within us at all times and think our narrow minded view of the world is the only reality. We are like a droplet out of the ocean, getting frustrated and disappointed when things do not go according to our wishes. But when the habits are let go and purified we can merge back into that ocean, settled and at peace. Meditation is the practical way to achieve this.

The ocean frog

A frog that lived in an ocean once happened to reach a small pond. Some frogs were living in that pond with their king. The king frog was informed of the new arrival. The king sent for the newly arrived frog. When the ocean frog was brought to the king frog, it looked arrogantly at the ocean frog and asked, “Where have you come from?”

“From the ocean, your majesty,” said the frog.

“Oh, nonsense,” shouted the king and, jumping a little bit in the pond, the king said, “Is your ocean this big or smaller even?”

The ocean frog could not help but laugh and said, “Your Majesty, I said I am from the ocean. You cannot simply imagine how big it is.”

“Shut up!” shouted the king. “Don’t teach me lessons, you liar! I will throw you out!”

Then the king thought for a while and with all its strength jumped a little more than the first one and said, “Tell me the truth. This is your last chance. Is your ocean this big?”

With all its humility and peace on the face, the ocean frog said, “Your majesty, this pond is just a small drop in the ocean which cannot be shown or explained here. I invite you to come to the ocean. See and you will experience the truth yourself.”

“Throw this frog out,” ordered the king and shouted, “There is nothing called ocean! How dare this idiot ocean frog invite me to see the ocean to teach me, as if I don’t have any knowledge or wisdom.” “Yes! Your Majesty, there is no such thing called ocean. Your wisdom is the ultimate. Hail the King of Pond!” shouted all the frogs of that pond.

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