What you are is more important than what others think of you

The state of our mind is so important. No matter what others may think about us, actually what really matters is if our mind is at peace or not. If it is at peace, then there is nothing for us to worry about at all.

A Master goes beyond all such judgements and remains at peace. Whether they are praised or criticized does not affect them They are secure in the knowledge that they have realized the ultimate truth of their own existence.

There is a story about the Buddha which shows the state of composure of a true Master.

Once a man came to where Buddha was giving a programme and started shouting and hurling abuse at the Buddha.

The Buddha remained unaffected. He waited until the man had finished shouting.
Calmly He asked him, ‘If someone gave you something you didn’t want, what would you do?’ Slightly taken back by this question, the man replied, ‘I wouldn’t accept it, of course’.
‘Well, I don’t need your insults and abuse, please kindly take them back’.

This shows the level of composure and maturity of a Master. Unmoved by any difficult situation or what others think of them they can respond in a calm and rational way without losing the control of their mind. As Babaji says, ‘How someone else behaves shows their character and culture. We should not become a victim to that’.

This is possible through meditation as we go on practising day by day. We get the upper hand of the mind. The mind becomes stronger, more resilient, and also able to become less narrow-minded and self-centred. It can think of others, and a larger cause. It can keep its peace intact and not go into unnecessary worries and cravings. Finally we can achieve that security of the real Self.

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