Everything is impermanent

Everything in this whole creation is impermanent. The sun, the stars, this planet, our own physical body. An object has come into existence and one day it will perish. Is there anything that is not impermanent, which will exist at all times, no matter what happens to it?

This is what the great ancient sages of India pondered. Just like when we go to a doctor, we would not be satisfied with a temporary cure, we would want a permanent cure.
They wanted to know the reality, that peace which is there at all times.

So they looked within. They discovered that in fact the peace and happiness which we are looking for everywhere in the world is actually within us. For a permanent happiness we cannot depend on something which is impermanent. When the mind becomes quiet by itself it experiences the best peace and happiness, because that happiness doesn’t depend on anything.

As we meditate, our mind becomes more and more peaceful whilst living in this impermanent world. While we can enjoy whatever comes our way, we can understand its impermanence and maintain our peace even when that thing inevitably disappears.

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