Thinking of a larger cause

When we are narrow-minded, we only think about our needs and what affects us. We don’t bother about how our actions or words might affect others. But when our awareness expands we become broad-minded. We start to think of a larger cause; how our actions can affect the country, the society, the whole world. A maturity is cultivated in the mind and our ego becomes less and less.

As Babaji says, ‘If the mind is in equilibrium, then always your actions will be for a larger cause.’

So our mind needs to be under our control, stabilized, in equilibrium. This can be achieved gradually as we practise meditation regularly. Instead of jumping into selfish needs without the ability to restrain oneself, we can become mature. We will be able to listen to others, be aware of other’s needs and always think of a larger cause – harmony and peace for all.

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