Be like the tongue in the midst of thirty-two teeth

In life we may have to deal with difficult situations and people.
At all such times, how do we defend ourselves? How do we remain unaffected mentally if not physically? First it is important that mentally we are strong, have strong willpower and keep the mind away from such things. Although physically it may not be possible to run away from the situation, what is recommended is to remain unattached mentally.

For this, Babaji’s Master Swamiji gave the example of the tongue in the midst of thirty-two teeth.

The tongue cannot run away, it has to be there. To move in the midst of all the teeth it has to be very skillful so that is doesn’t get bitten by the teeth. It moves in-between, goes up and comes down yet remains detached. If anything is tasty it sends it inside. If it is not it makes you spit it out. As it does so it remains detached, it doesn’t take anything for itself. It simply does its job. In this way also we may need to live in this world.

That is the recommendation given by the great Masters. If we can face the moment, keep doing our duty without getting affected mentally, then we can live a peaceful and contented life. For this, meditation is the daily practice which trains our mind to remain concentrated and at peace. We would be able to face the moment but also restrain ourselves and not get emotionally affected. As the Masters have shown, with a dedicated practice a stress-free life can become possible.

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