The origin of the mind is Pure Consciousness

The mind at the moment is a bundle of thoughts. One thought after another arises, it seems to be never-ending. And since our mind is preoccupied with these thoughts all the time, it is unable to be aware of itself as Pure Consciousness. Through regular practice of meditation as the thoughts start to become purified, the mind becomes more and more peaceful. It returns to the original state of Pure Consciousness and settles there contented. The Self-Realized Master Babaji explains this in detail.

‘What is this mind? Can you show it to anybody, do you know the form? What it is, what is its formation, what is its color, what is the substance? Simply we know the thoughts that are in the mind, the shapes, the ideas, the labels that are in the mind, of good or bad, right or wrong about this world, and about the imaginations that we have a separate world that we would have built up. But nobody has seen the mind as it is. When the mind would not be into any imaginations, what is it? That is the substance mass of a Pure Consciousness and Energy. When it is pure, it is simply Purely Consciousness Energy of Existence. But, when it becomes impure with its own dirt and imagination effects and getting conditioned, it is unable to know about itself, it is unable to watch itself that it is a Pure Consciousness. A Pure Consciousness would have become impure thoughts and wrong habits.

And thus, long time has passed by, we don’t know, time immemorial mind has become habitual. The mind is the Pure Consciousness. Eventually if we are able to cleanse this mind, then we realize that we ourselves are that Supreme Consciousness of Existence, we are that purest form. We have become the mind, actually. Mind is nothing but us. That Consciousness is nothing but us. When we become aware that we are that purest form of existence, that awareness, when that happens, it settles there, that awareness. That is Supremely Peaceful, that is Immortal in Existence, Eternal, at all times. Supremely Peaceful, that is needed, and it can remain contented there. Because that formation does not require anything for its own existence. So that is what one can achieve, that is what is recommended.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

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