The mind’s imagination has both constructive and destructive powers

Meditation Master Babaji (Shiva Rudra Balayogi) says, ‘As the existence of the Supreme Consciousness is boundless, never-ending, its capability for creative imagination and illusion also are boundless and can be never-ending if allowed to grow. Just like if the elements like fire, wind or water flow go out of control, they can be so dangerous and destructive. The human mind’s imagination has both constructive and destructive powers. Proper thinking through consciousness is very important. Just see the achievements of humanity.

If consciousness is not applied properly and constructively anything can be equally destructive to humanity. That is why it is important that science, technology and all such subjects through which we are achieving so much, must go together with spirituality. The simple reason is that after all it is the human mind which has to use all the achievements. If such a mind is not cultured properly and made to think for the welfare of the entire world it can become destructive.’

Through a regular meditation practice we can purify the mind, make it peaceful and not let it go into negative and destructive thinking. Thinking and acting for the benefit of the whole society and world would become possible.

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