When the mind stops then there is peace

It’s only when the mind relaxes that we get that happiness, peace and a moment to enjoy. If the mind stops on a flower, thinking, “Oh how beautiful it is”, then temporarily we enjoy it. How does that happen? The mind stops on that object for a fraction of a moment. When it stops, we start thinking it is the object that has given us the happiness whereas in actual fact it is because the mind has become quiet. It is not into cravings, nor any analysations of ‘Is it good? Do I like it?’ For that moment, simply it is quiet.

So this is a clue into how we can achieve that real peace and happiness for ourselves. All objects in the world are impermanent, they come and they go, so we cannot depend on them for a permanent happiness.

As Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi advises, “You try to possess things, you try to visualise things to enjoy, to be happy. But instead of this, if you practice meditation, when you are trying to get the mind itself to become quiet, then that peace and happiness is always there, because the mind’s very nature is to be at peace.”

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