Go beyond the dualities

This world is made of dualities; good and bad, right and wrong, pleasant and unpleasant, happiness and unhappiness. One is there because of the other. In a movie, a hero is there because of a villain and vice-versa. If we get involved in one, then eventually that leads to the other.

Just like if we wake up and feel refreshed, we would only like to think good, positive thoughts. But it cannot stay like that all the time. As the day progresses other negative thoughts and worries will also start to come into our mind.

The Masters of meditation realised that the true nature of the mind itself is to be quiet and at peace. Then it is under our control. When it is quiet, it has in fact gone beyond all dualities. It has gone beyond all imaginations, it is simply aware of the consciousness of existence. So when we meditate, we don’t analyse and make a judgement whether something is good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. Once we start to think of either of the two, we get involved, and one after another we keep generating thoughts and get sucked into that whirlpool of thoughts. Instead of this, if we apply the technique to just watch and not think, then our mind starts to recede and become quiet. We get the taste of that elusive peace.

Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) says, ‘Just become quiet. When a real experience of the Self occurs, there is tranquilised quietness. No definitions are there because mind has been absorbed into the Self.’

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