Don’t get caught up with seeking experiences in meditation

Because we follow this method, that doesn’t mean we criticize other methods. All methods are honourable. But with this one, I have experienced the fruits. Don’t get caught up with seeking experiences in meditation. Simply, the mind needs to be controlled. If you practice this meditation, not just listen to my talks, but practice these things, then you will know the Truth. If you just get caught up in experiences and imaginations, it will create more and more mental imaginations.
When the mind becomes more peaceful, it is also becoming more composed, more purified. They all occur together. This will lead to the mind settling into the Self. You will get that Supreme Bliss and then finally that Supreme Peace. When the mind progresses in this path, it gets more and more purified until it happens that one gets the ecstasy of Supreme Bliss. This is a higher quality ego, a higher quality imagination, but it is still just a lollipop. Don’t stop there, you must go beyond that. The Guru will encourage you on.
Once you become realised, one can keep a small sattvic ego to work in this world, to help others. Swamiji used to tell, ‘If you live for yourself, that is Life. If you live for others, that is a Mission.’
~Shiva Rudra Balayogi
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