Overcoming fear, tension and stress through meditation

We all know that feeling when there is something unknown we have to face. Even though it may not be such a big problem, we magnify the fear into something much bigger. In so doing it makes us feel unsettled and even terrified. The mind gets absorbed into its own imagination forgetting that it created the imagination to start with.

Meditation Master Babaji says it is the cravings of the mind and its habit to cling on to an object which is the basic reason for stress, tension and fear. We have lost control of the mind and it is making us dance to its tunes.

When we sit down for meditation we first concentrate the mind. As it becomes more concentrated it starts to let go of any negative thinking. In so doing it strengthens the mind and also purifies it of its habitual thinking. The mind starts to become more and more quiet. We start to gain back control.

When the mind becomes more concentrated an inner confidence also comes; We can think, ‘If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I shouldn’t lose my peace in any case’. Eventually as we gain more understanding of ourselves, we will have more composure and less fear of the unknown. As we make meditation a regular practice, instead of fear, tension and stress plaguing our minds, peace and composure can be with us throughout the day.

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