Break through the web of imaginations

‘Just like a spider spins a web and gets involved in its own web, it is the mind, called consciousness, which imagines and gets involved into its own resolutions of imagination. A friend appears as a foe and a foe appears as a friend. Bondage appears as an avenue for happiness and a real avenue for happiness appears as meaningless, hard, impossible. These are all the resolution tricks of the mind which create such an illusion.’ ~ Shiva Rudra Balayogi

 Throughout our lives we make analysations and judgements on most things. ‘I like this’, ‘I don’t like this’, ‘This is mine’, ‘This is not mine’. In so doing, we go on acquiring habits in the mind. We start to see the world in a particular way only.

We can thus become narrow-minded, not able to consider others’ points of view and well-being. We may see something that is beneficial for us as a wrong thing, and something that is detrimental and harmful to us as exciting and attractive.

We may also be afflicted by negative imaginations and go into an extreme reaction when we are faced with a particular situation. Because the mind has become habitual, to stop thinking and behaving in this way becomes very difficult. As Babaji says, it is like we have spun a web for ourselves out of imaginations and become trapped in that web.

Meditation is the practice of not making judgements. It purifies the mind of its habits and thus removes the illusory effects of the mind.

We can break free from the web we have created and start thinking clearly. Our thinking and behaviour can be enhanced to consider others more and peace and composure can be restored in the mind.

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