From cravings to peace

‘The constant cravings of the mind are the basic reason for unhappiness’.

A couple of thousand years after Buddha said these words, still mankind is afflicted with these cravings of the mind that prevent us from achieving peace and happiness.

The mind does not seem to want to accept or stop on one thing. We have to constantly move from one thing to the other, seldom remaining satisfied or contented. Our mind becomes like a restless monkey.

In Meditation we focus the mind into a single-pointed attention. Gradually, instead of being diluted into millions of imaginations, the mind recedes and becomes quiet. Then we experience that real peace, settled in ourselves.

The great masters proved that this is possible to achieve once and for all. Meditation master Babaji says, ‘as the mind abandons all its cravings, going introverted, peacefully, composed, it settles into the Self and remains there totally contented. That’s what a Yogi achieves.’

Through regular practice, we can calm the mind down and become more focused. Babaji says that through the proper practice of meditation ‘the opponent, the bundle of cravings, becomes weak and your consciousness becomes strong’. We gain the upper hand of our own mind.


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