Training our mental stamina

When we start out in meditation, we need to have a positive attitude to keep going and not be worried that there might be many thoughts or not. This will train our mental stamina.

The instruction is to ‘just watch’. That means not to judge whether a thought is good or bad, whether there are any thoughts or no thoughts. If we think ‘Oh, there are so many thoughts, this is very bad’, then meditation can appear a struggle. But if we just keep putting in efforts, then it can be a fun process to keep the mind from getting involved in every thought that crops up.

This positive attitude will help us in our daily lives also – we can keep the mind at peace and not get ruffled by what happens around us.

As Babaji also reassures, no effort that we put in meditation will go to waste. It is like a term deposit. The fruits will be revealed in due course of time as our mind becomes purified of its habits and gradually more and more under our control.

All we need is that patience to keep going with our dedicated efforts.


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