Don’t let things play on the mind

Sometimes we may find we are unable to let go of a thing that happened in the past. It plays on our mind and gives us so much stress. How can we let go mentally when this happens?
Meditation Master Babaji gives this advice.

‘If you allow something to play on the mind you are a casualty. That you must remember. The thing has already happened that is troublesome. If again you allow it to play on our mind again and again that’s what is the wrong thing, and you are spoiling your life. Your life is precious – you don’t have to do that. For anything in this world, nothing is as worthy as your own life, your precious Self. You zero in onto your real Self – that is the most precious thing. Nothing else is as precious as that. That knowledge is precious, that wisdom is precious, that attention is precious, that peace is precious – if you realise this then it will become easy to let go.’

Meditation is the key to ‘zero in’ onto our real Self and let go of thoughts that are playing on the mind. When we just watch whatever comes up without getting involved in any thought or imagination, the mind becomes focused, concentrated, and purified.


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