The cleansing process for the mind

Here is Meditation Master Babaji talking on how meditation is the cleansing process of the mind if we can ‘just watch’.

‘When we close the eyes for meditation, thousands of thoughts may keep coming. This is the cleansing process of the mind. Mind has absorbed these habits. We call it as the ‘acquired habits of the mind’. When the mind recognizes, when it thinks, it analyzes and makes a judgment. ‘This is good, this is the bad’ – it judges with its own imagination and absorbs an imprint. All these things sit in the mind as a habit. Based on these habits a person’s behavioural structure also builds up; a person’s character and culture. One might be very soft spoken and beautiful and kind and compassionate. Another may be quite rude, always into hatred and vengeance and violence. It all depends on the mind’s structured habits; what it has acquired since time immemorial.

When we practice this meditation we will be able to cleanse the mind; that is when the mind’s thought-habits all start getting evaporated. Due to the nature of the brain they get de-codified and appear as thought processes or visions. Hundreds and millions could be coming in quick succession. When that is happening your ability to simply watch without trying to get attached to those thoughts and without trying to think what they are is important. Even if something appears as a bad thought, let it happen, it is getting evaporated. The garbage is being thrown out of the mind. That is your ability to watch which is so important for meditation.’

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