‘It’s a great thing to stop the mind and just be able to watch the mind.’

The watching process in meditation is vital to purify the mind of its constant imaginations which are the cause of tension, anxiety, fear and stress.

Since the mind is so habitual to think and analyse all the time, it may take some time to become quiet. We need patience with ourselves – if the mind is practised to think so much, we need a practice not to think. Regularly if we adopt a practice then our mind can become more and more quiet, and we would regain that control.

This control of our mind means that in our daily lives we will be able to apply the mind in the best concentrated way and think when we want to – when we don’t want to think we can keep it rested, at peace, quiet.

And eventually, as the Masters say, we can become aware of the consciousness of existence, our real Self.

As Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) says,

“Consistently practice and you will gain the ability to just watch and not think. That’s a great achievement, anybody who can achieve it. It’s a great thing to stop the mind and just be able to watch the mind. When you watch the mind, then all thoughts and visions would have disappeared, then you will realise the mind is watching itself. That mind which is watching itself is that consciousness of existence, that is the ‘I’.”

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