Encouraging children into meditation (video)

Nowadays, with so much exposure to the outside world through gadgets and advancements in technology, it can be an added challenge for parents to bring up their children.

As Babaji says, slowly we can recommend a daily practice of meditation to prevent the mind going into stress, getting confused and becoming rebellious.

We can teach the child about concentration. If we understand the essence of concentration we can be a champion in any field; sports, academic work, whatever it is. We can become like a genius in the world.

Furthermore, there will be no confusion. We can sort out our problems, and if they can’t be sorted out, we can graciously accept. We can think of what we really need, without becoming greedy. We can thus become peaceful and act with good character and culture.

As Babaji also mentions, children observe our actions closely – they watch very carefully what we do more than what we say. Therefore as we meditate ourselves that will serve as a great example to our children also.

Watch Babaji talk about encouraging children into meditation and spirituality below.
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