Always living happily in the world (short video)

Mental health is so important. Just like we take care of the physical health of the body, we need to take care of the mind also with proper exercises.

As Babaji says,
“It is through the mind that we can either be happy or unhappy, mature or immature, intelligent or an idiot”. So practicing to control this mind is vital. Then we can become mature in our behaviour, think of a larger cause, how others are affected by our actions rather than thinking selfishly, and also know the secrets of one’s own mind. Then we can always live happily.

Indeed, happiness is our ‘existence right’, as Babaji says. If we are losing happiness, then somewhere we are not doing something right. That needs to be rectified. Through a regular practice of meditation as we properly apply the technique to ‘just watch’,  all such wrong habits can be cleared up – we can become healthy and happy in mind.

Watch Babaji explain in this short video below:
(Click on image)

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