Just jump into it.

When we sit to meditate, we just need to jump into the practice. That is, we get into the action of ‘just watching’.

As Babaji says,

“Always an action has to happen into what you are supposed to do. Just like you stand on the banks of a river, ‘I have to jump, I have to jump, let me jump, how do I jump?’ You just jump! Stop these three things, ‘I have to jump, and how do I jump, and when do I jump?’ Stop these three things and just jump. 

So like that here, the technology is, you don’t have to keep asking yourself, ‘I should not recognize, I should not analyze’. Don’t think like that – just watch. If you are watching then you are not analyzing, then you are not thinking. 

So use the eyeballs to steadily watch the front portion [with eyes closed]. When you are watching, when the thoughts come, don’t think anything about that thought.”

Eventually as we go on practising in this way everyday, the mind can become purified and quiet.

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