Wash away all the impurities of the mind

Wash away all the impurities of the mind.

Meditation is a purification process.
We accumulate so much unnecessary thoughts and imaginations during the day which affects us mentally, giving us stress, tension and fear.

All of this can be cleared out daily with a mental wash of meditation.
When the mind becomes focused, single-pointed, it can let go of all its held-on imaginations and become quiet and at peace.

When we lose the peace in our mind

When, for example, you lose the use of a limb on your body, suddenly we would understand the value of that limb, how crucial it is for our convenience and use in life.

Like that, when we lose the peace in our mind, when we become stressed, anxious, angry, and so on, it would make us suffer so much. We would understand just how important it is to have peace in the mind.

So for this meditation is taught to rediscover that peace. We can be in control again of this precious mind.

Peace is the recommended goal

The real experience you can gain in meditation:

‘People think it has to be some vision, some manifestation or some power. That is not the experience. The experience is when you experience peace and tranquillity. Repeatedly Swamiji used to talk of this thing only. ‘Ananda’, He used to talk. ‘Supremely blissful thing, that’s what I experienced.’ Moreover, He wouldn’t talk much anything else. ‘Peace should descend within you. You must be able to experience the Peace. And then the results are, you are not hurt by this world. Because this world may be according to your wishes, or it may not be. Some might be friendly, some may not be friendly with you. But you shall remain unaffected. You won’t feel depressed, or you won’t feel bad about it. You won’t get annoyed or you won’t get irritated. You are at peace. That peace should descend when your mind, your consciousness, gets that peace naturally. If it is able to remain in that peace naturally, unaffected, that is the achievement. Know that’, Swamiji used to tell.’


Saving your mental energy

When we have to use the mind and do a task, instead of simply doing that thing and using a little bit of mental energy, we tend to use so much more. Our mind spins into worries; ‘Will it go as I hope, or not?’ Although it is only necessary to use one pound, we are wasting thousands of pounds of mental energy. We thus build up stress in our mind.

As we practice meditation regularly and get better control of our mind, we can simply apply the mind to its best focus on a task, then when that task is over we can keep our mind quiet. We don’t have to be brooding about it at all – we would be able to stay relaxed and peaceful in the mind.