Group Meditation Audio & Notes – Sunday/Wednesday

Audio and notes from Sunday morning/ Wednesday evening meditation group session.

These will remain up for 1 week.

Group Meditation Sunday 3rd July

Video: The Secrets of the Mind

The recording we played is from 00.00 to 14:07


  • Mind’s attention turns to itself when silent
  • If attentive to impermanent things, it becomes attached, thinking ‘this is good, this is bad’ etc and becomes miserable.
  • If there is peace, there is contentment, vica versa
  • You have to pay attention to ‘just watch’ – not recognizing analysing or making judgments
  • When the divine wanted to create, nothing else existed except the divine.   Every appearance is within that divinity.
  • When the mind imagines, it creates within itself.  So the mind is the raw material for the thought or vision.
  • The mind is absolute whether there is something in it or not.
  • Nothing can remove the thoughts except the consciousness itself.
  • Your happiness should not depend on what is happening in the world

Group Meditation Wednesday 29th June

Video: Teachings from Adi Shankara’s Viveka Choodamani

The recording we played is from 22.44 to 32.54


Apt attention

Pay apt attention then Master’s teaching then you can understand them in the right sense.
They can penetrate deeply into the mind –Then you can achieve that truth for yourself. 


1 – Patience is important. In meditation remain composed, don’t get restless. 
Every thought, every vision appears to disturb us either as a good or bad thing. 

2 – We may have to react in this world, to defend. However, we won’t allow the mind to get disturbed if we are regularly practising. Soon we will recover. People won’t be able to give us any blood pressure. Like a fun game we will enjoy. If you are able to restrain yourself, you have that forbearance.