Group Meditation Audio & Notes – Sunday/Wednesday

Audio and notes from Sunday morning/ Wednesday evening meditation group session.

These will remain up for 1 week.

Group Meditation Sunday 7th August

Audio: 22 June 2007 – Babaji on Swamiji – Talk – Part 1

Group Meditation Wednesday 03 August

Video: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q&A, No. 86 (The Secrets of the Mind)

The excerpts we played are 18.16 to 26.45 and 35.07 to 37.46


  • You need anything else only when you don’t have peace.
  • Generally people understand the word ‘enjoy’ instead of ‘peace’. They don’t know that the peace is the thing which gives enjoyment.
  • For a yogi, naturally and effortlessly ego has disappeared because the truth has been known that ‘I’ do not exist at all.
  • Only when you are aware of Real Self you are not troubled at all.
  • Mind is into imaginations – simply it has to become quiet.