The Gap between the thoughts

Meditation Master Babaji talks about how inbetween all the thoughts that crop up in the mind, there is a gap, a space. That is the true nature of the mind – our attention goes to the gap when we simply watch in the meditation and do not analyze or judge what comes up.

“As the thoughts keep arising, millions of thoughts also come, but inbetween every thought, a small gap happens. That gap is the space. That space is the consciousness. When the thought comes, during that time of thought, that consciousness, though it is there behind that thought, it doesn’t appear to be there because your attention is drawn by the thought. But inbetween there is a gap.

So slowly as you go on watching, watching, watching in the meditation your mind gains attention onto the gap, slowly forgets about the thought when it does not analyze, when it does not make a judgement. That is the idea of ‘just watch, watch, watch’ we keep repeatedly telling so to make you watch that space. When your mind watches that space, your mind also becomes that space, means both become consciousness and you realise they are both the one and same. That’s how pure consciousness appears and there is no more thought.”

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi


Practise peace and establish peace

When we look at this world, why is it that wars and conflicts are always going on? Why is there not peace in the world where human beings live in harmony, loving and respecting one another?

The problem is in the mind. As Babaji says,

‘It’s we human beings who make the world lose peace. We have to practise peace. We need to achieve peace for ourselves so that we can allow others to have their peace. We need to overcome the selfish and narrow-mindedness in us, everybody. Only then there is peace.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

The practice of achieving peace for ourselves is the meditation. By bringing attention to this mind and adopting a proper technique to purify its habits, it comes under our control. It will not make us dance to its tunes anymore – gradually we will be able to restrain ourselves from going into negative emotions and succumbing to anger, selfishness and greed.

With a purified mind we can treat everyone with the same care and respect.
That is what are ‘moral values’, which Babaji simply defines as consideration for others.

‘Everybody gets peace. Everybody has justice. Not that you look after your own children in a different way and you scold others in a different way. So that is not justice. Justice means all are same. So you give peace to everybody. You give your love and care to everybody – that’s necessary.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

Only when everyone practises and not simply talks about peace can there be peace in the world.


Watch the full video of Babaji talking about Peace in the world here.

First cleanse the mind and gain control

We may think that we can just go on thinking positive thoughts all the time, but it doesn’t happen like that. Due to the mind acquiring habits since time immemorial, unknown to us it will go into negativity also. The Meditation Master Babaji advises that we first cleanse the mind in meditation. Then as we gain control over our mind more and more, we will have the freedom to think in whatever way we want to think.

‘To visualize a positive or a right thing also, you need to have a control over yourself. Cleansing in this meditation means it is not making the mind totally blank or unusable. Mind is always usable, mind would be available to you. It would cleanse everything and you will gain control over your mind. Then after that you can try to visualize more positively. That will be more possible. You can think positively always, a larger cause, happiness of the entire world, all universe, that type of thing. Visualizing such things would be recommended, definitely.

So when you practice meditation, mind is at your disposal. Then you can think the best things. Otherwise if the mind goes out of control – though you want to think the best and good things, unknown to you it will jump into the bad things also. Sometimes if you observe, when you get up in the morning you would be fresh. Mind will be quiet for a while, you are enjoying a peace. Unknown to you, mind starts visualizing or thinking things. Nobody wants to think unpleasant things. They try to imagine the pleasant things, good and positive. But as the day passes by if you have observed, mind jumps into negativity also, positivity also. It gets involved into all sorts of dirty things unknown to you if you don’t have a control over your mind. So this is what will be possible through the practice of meditation.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi