Strengthening the mind

When the mind becomes weak we suffer. It is out of our control: it cannot stop thinking, it loses its confidence, it becomes confused and cannot progress, it becomes depressed.

If our mind is like this, somehow we need to regain that potency and strength of the mind. The strength to think in a positive way, to not be so affected by outside events that may be out of our control, and to keep our peace at all times.

For this, meditation has been prescribed since ancient times as that blanket remedy to heal up all the agonies of the mind. Slowly, slowly we can build up the strength of our mind with a daily practice. Then we would discover the mind is becoming more and more quiet. Instead of being a noisy fish market, it can be tranquil, composed and calm like the ocean.

As we start on this path of practising meditation, there may be good days and bad days. Sometimes it may be hard and it would feel we are battling our thoughts. But no matter if it doesn’t come like instant coffee, immediate at the touch of a button. However long it takes, we have to be patient with ourselves. It’s our own mind after all, and what greater achievement is there for the mind than gaining true peace and contentment.

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