Group Meditation Audio & Notes – Sunday/Wednesday

Audio and notes from Sunday morning/ Wednesday evening meditation group session.

These will remain up for 1 week.

Group Meditation Sunday 19 May

The Secrets of the Mind | Thus Spake Babaji – online Q&A, No.174

In the session we played:

16:20 Babaji was drawn to the spiritual path from childhood, is this because in previous lives Babaji had grown tired of living in the world?
19:34 If we feel sad for people who are suffering in this world, how should we help?
24:42 “Knowledge and wisdom are poles apart”


1) Realising the Impermanence of the world is a motive for meditation. To find what is permanent.
2) Babaji also chose the path of karma yoga by his unwavering service to his guru.
3) Do not trouble others in this world. Once you have achieved peace yourself you might be able to to inspire and influence others to find their own peace.
4) Knowledge and wisdom are poles apart. E.g. to know how to use a weapon is knowledge. To know when to use it and when not to use it is wisdom.
5) Don’t ask for anything from the divine but ask for the divine themselves.
6) The creation is impermanent but the creator is eternal and the eternal truth is within you.

Group Meditation Wednesday 22 May

DSM Meditation Retreat 2024: Day 2, Morning Q&A with Babaji – Jangama Session clip

In the session we played:

0:12 Why is it important during our daily activities to spend less mental energy?
1:30 What to do when one experiences an intense feeling during meditation, the body tenses up and breathing stops?
3:47 How did all the other techniques of meditation emerge? Were people experimenting with different methods?

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