Group Meditation Audio & Notes – Sunday/Wednesday

Audio and notes from Sunday morning/ Wednesday evening meditation group session.

These will remain up for 1 week.

Group Meditation Sunday 19th March

Video: 2022 12 03 UK Q&A with Babaji – Why meditate?


  • Don’t be in a rush
  • Basic aim: quieten the mind
  • We’ve forgotten how to withdraw and stop the mind – this gives rise to cravings and unhappiness
  • Become master of your mind
  • If you pursue you will be able to know yourself as the eternal entity.
  • Only the infinite Self can see the Self.  No matter or object can see the Self.
  • No external anchor.  Just watch – you are not watching anything.

Group Meditation Wednesday 22 March

Video 1: What spirituality recommends

Video 2: The real meaning of religion and spirituality