Group Meditation Audio & Notes – Sunday/Wednesday

Audio and notes from Sunday morning/ Wednesday evening meditation group session.

These will remain up for 1 week.

Group Meditation Sunday 1 October

Sadhana | Thus Spake Babaji – online Q&A, No.137

In the session we played:

15:36 Is acceptance and the mind settling also aspects of dhyana yoga?
18:24 Does sadhana also have an effect on our life in the world?
20:08 Through sadhana does one mature in a moral sense automatically?
20:30 How to practice selfless service to others while facing obstacles to our service.
23:14 It seems meditation is more difficult that any other sadhana, so why is it recommended so much?
27:28 How Lord Rama achieved Self-Realization through listening to Yoga Vasistha.
33:10 Can I get rid of all bad karmas in this life? What kind of person should I become to accumulate good karmas?


1) When you are just watching you are practicing acceptance. When millions of thoughts come you don’t bother about them. You just accept they are there and you keep watching.
2) When the mind purifies you slowly become a more mature person. Then you will consider others and you will work for your need, not your greed.
3) Transformation is automatic.
4) When you are helping the people of this world you are actually helping yourself.
5)Meditation should be very easy. All you have to do is be quiet and just watch.
6) Nobody can give anyone else Self-realisation. 

Group Meditation Wednesday 27 September

Expanding Consciousness and the Mother Concept – online Q&A with Babaji 17_8_23

0:08 The boundless space as the supreme consciousness
6:55 How can we develop the mother concept within us?

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