Gently, politely, in a relaxed way

Meditation Master Babaji gives advice on the importance of being patient with ourselves in our practice and not to be in a rush and force anything.

In meditation we should just relax and forget the outside world. If we keep putting in efforts just to watch and not get involved in any thought or vision that comes up, this mind can become quiet.  Slowly but surely we will gain the upper hand of our thoughts and imaginations and achieve peace.

“While trying to do sadhana, often seekers are likely to be in a rush and force it upon themselves. So after some time they are likely to become tired and give up sadhana. All that is required is to practice to remain quiet. The mind has lost its natural state of remaining quiet and consciously in the Self by getting into its own endless imaginations. Now all that is required is gently, politely, peacefully, in a relaxed way, just practice to remain quiet. More force and an unnecessary rush gives unhappiness and frustrations.”

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