Think when you want to think. Be quiet when you want to be quiet.

‘This mind itself is made up of Consciousness, meaning where you apply it you become aware. Through practice of meditation, eventually one day, when you are able to achieve the total silence of the mind, when this mind becomes totally quiet, meaning it becomes quiet when it gives up all its imaginations, then automatically it becomes aware of itself because it is made up of that Consciousness. That Consciousness is automatically present, that is not a separate thing that needs to be generated or needs to be brought forth, or needs to be imagined, only the thoughts and visions. And only when we have to work in this world we have to imagine.

So thus when you practice this meditation, when you achieve that silence, that does not mean that you lose the ability to imagine or use this as a mind, it will still be possible, always be possible. You can remain a normal person in this world. When you practice meditation you will be able to imagine, you will be able to think, you will be able to be creative in this world, do anything that you want is no problem. Simply by the practice of this meditation, you are able to think when you want, imagine when you want and be creative when you want. When the job is over or when you don’t want, then you will be able to keep that mind to its quietness, to its silence. You will be able to keep yourself under control, not allowing yourself to become a chatterbox at all times, even when you don’t want.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi