No need to keep checking for progress

As we meditate, we should not be worrying about checking whether we are making progress or not as this in fact will hamper our progress.

Babaji says,

‘When you worry about progress your concentration gets distracted. If you have to stop and look back then your practice gets distracted. It stops so your attention goes somewhere else and in the process you get involved. You won’t be able to progress then. Say you are on a train from New Delhi to Bangalore. It is a super-fast express but if you want to get down at every station to find out how far you have travelled, how much you have progressed, you are likely to miss the train. You will have to stop there and wait for another train to come. So do not get off the train. You have to be sitting in the train. It’s like this. So you have to be practising constantly, simply. Practising is your duty.’

When we just pick up the practice of meditation by meditating everyday then it becomes natural to us, a way of life. We know that the meditation is doing us good, making our mind more peaceful and under our control. And when we set a particular duration we must have the discipline not to get up before that duration is over. If we start thinking, “Oh, it’s hard, I will stop now and do it later”, then our mind becomes a bit weak and lazy. But if we persevere with the time we have set no matter what is going on  in our meditation, then our mind will get accustomed to it. It’s simply the job that we do for our mind to become peaceful – we don’t have expectations how and when the results will come. That discipline and patience in our practice is so necessary. Then, before we know it, progress will have been made.


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The three mantras for success

Babaji, how can we calm the mind when we live such busy, hectic lives?


Be determined. Dedication, discipline, patience are three important mantras to achieve things. If you are dedicated you will take out time in priority. Twenty four hours are available; but you cannot buy it in a shop. You have to take out the time, you have plenty of time. If you want this, if you think it is worthwhile, be disciplined. Disciplined does not mean it is a bondage. If you discipline yourself you can become healthy and perfect in every way. Youth and vigor will increase. And have patience, after all, the mind has gone out of control since time immemorial, since so many lives perhaps, it will take some time. With all patience and skill just keep watching in-between the eyebrows, then in due course of time the mind will recede and you shall have amazing experiences, secrets of the mind and yourself shall be revealed for you.

If we can adopt these 3 mantras as Babaji says in the answer above, then meditation can become fruitful and very progressive. Practising every day is essential to get the benefits of meditation. We can start with whatever is manageable, ten, fifteen minutes then gradually we can build up the time. The longer we can practice the meditation in a stretch, the more concentrated the mind can get. It normally takes around 30 to 40 minutes for the mind to actually settle down which is why 1 hour is prescribed for a daily meditation. Any time you can do, however, will be beneficial. Eventually through regular practice the mind can recede, become purified and quiet. That is when we can experience the best peace.

Our courses and sessions are designed to give you the daily confidence to establish a practice for yourself at home.