The past is simply meant so that we can learn from our mistakes

The past is simply meant so that we can learn from our mistakes. Other than that, we can let go, we don’t need to be unnecessarily brooding about it. If we made a mistake and we regret it, we can remember the lesson that it taught us and what we should try and change ourselves for the future.

As the Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) says- ‘We can think to ourselves; ‘The past is over and it’s not going to come back under any circumstances so there’s no point in simply brooding and feeling pain. Instead let me look for my future, let me become more positive.’ In so doing we can let go of these shackles of the past that hold us back and think positively in the present which will shape a positive future.

So this ability comes when our mind becomes under our control. When we meditate, we simply watch whatever comes up. We try not to make any judgement. Then all those thoughts that we stored in the mind can gradually disappear. Our mind becomes clear, concentrated and peaceful. It is able to stay in the present moment and not go into brooding about the past.

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