Emotions can be your strength or your weakness

Emotions can be our strength or they can be our weakness. Often they can get in the way. If we could just deal with a problem in a rational way then it becomes smoother and manageable. But if constantly we become emotional about things that arise, it is like being swayed by the waves in a stormy sea. We are not in control – our mind assumes a shape and we cannot get out of it easily. In so doing we fail to see the bigger picture and act in a way that is detrimental to ourselves and others around us.

If we could become the master of our emotions things would be so much simpler! It would mean we won’t become victim to our emotions constantly. For this, somehow we need to tap that emotional energy. This is what we are doing in meditation – we tap all our emotional energies into a single-pointed concentration. By doing so we can turn confusion into inner confidence, distractions into concentration and agitations into peace. Ultimately as the mind settles down we would see we have overcome our emotions. In any situation we would be able to think coolly, peacefully and with compassion for others. When the choppy waters calm down, life becomes smooth sailing.

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