Freedom from the brain’s clutches

The brain is an amazing physiological organ in the body. Through the brain we can think, act, apply wisdom, and achieve many things.

But if we simply go on believing everything the brain is reflecting we will get affected. Instead of being the master of this organ, we become the servant and dance to its tunes. So we need to be the master. Whatever the brain is reflecting, we don’t have to be affected, we can exercise restraint and proper judgement.

If someone acts in a certain way we might judge quickly that person to be a bad person. But actually that person could be our well-wisher, simply we may have rashly misjudged their actions. So that is the danger – we can see a friend as a foe and a foe as a friend.

Through meditation we are able to de-link ourselves from the brain’s clutches. We can think freely, see the reality, keep our mind intact and in peace. We can use the brain to its best ability to live successfully in the world.

As Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) explains;

‘When you practice deeper meditation and achieve control of the mind you are able keep the mind totally quiet and withdrawn from the clutches of the brain. You are also able to discriminate good and bad, right and wrong independently by using your brain but not by the brain’s order only. You are able to exercise determination, remain disciplined and not become a victim of the brain’s reflections. This we call as an exercise of will power. As we practice deeper meditation we also discover that we do not have to depend for happiness on the world’s objects which are reflected by the brain, but keeping the mind quiet supreme peace can be experienced.’

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