Practise peace and establish peace

When we look at this world, why is it that wars and conflicts are always going on? Why is there not peace in the world where human beings live in harmony, loving and respecting one another?

The problem is in the mind. As Babaji says,

‘It’s we human beings who make the world lose peace. We have to practise peace. We need to achieve peace for ourselves so that we can allow others to have their peace. We need to overcome the selfish and narrow-mindedness in us, everybody. Only then there is peace.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

The practice of achieving peace for ourselves is the meditation. By bringing attention to this mind and adopting a proper technique to purify its habits, it comes under our control. It will not make us dance to its tunes anymore – gradually we will be able to restrain ourselves from going into negative emotions and succumbing to anger, selfishness and greed.

With a purified mind we can treat everyone with the same care and respect.
That is what are ‘moral values’, which Babaji simply defines as consideration for others.

‘Everybody gets peace. Everybody has justice. Not that you look after your own children in a different way and you scold others in a different way. So that is not justice. Justice means all are same. So you give peace to everybody. You give your love and care to everybody – that’s necessary.’

~Shiva Rudra Balayogi

Only when everyone practises and not simply talks about peace can there be peace in the world.


Watch the full video of Babaji talking about Peace in the world here.

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