Living life peacefully with the mind under control

Meditation Master Babaji explains how by analyzing and making a judgement about a thing, we absorb it as an imprint in the mind so that it stays in the mind and becomes a habit to stubbornly think in that way only.

You learn to keep the mind quiet by the practice of meditation. Otherwise, it absorbs an imprint suddenly. When it makes an analyzation, it makes a judgment also. It ends up doing that. Then it can become stubbornly a little bit egoistic. That is what is known as the rajasic nature of a person’s mind (raja means king). That means, once it decides “This is a foe”, the mind becomes stubborn like a king. “This is a foe.” “Why is he a foe? He need not be a foe, maybe he is something else, maybe a friend, or maybe just nothing. Why are you thinking that?”  “Because I am saying he is a foe.  How dare you tell me that he is not a foe!”  Like that it becomes egoistic. So, that is how it absorbs all these things.

All this happens finally if we do not take care of the health of the mind and keep it under our control. Like I have told, a railway engine needs to be kept under our control. If we lose that control, it can be dangerous or disastrous for whoever is inside or outside. In the same way for the human mind also, it becomes violent and such a person can become dangerous to others and disastrous to one’s own self.

Babaji advises if we can adopt the technique of meditation properly by just watching and not getting involved in any thought that comes up during meditation, we will be able to live in the world and execute whatever tasks we need to without absorbing imprints and becoming habitual in the mind.

 “Once the job is over, you will feel very peaceful and free and that thing won’t be sitting there, that won’t be playing in the mind.”

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