Steady the eyeballs, steady the mind (short video)

In this technique of Jangama Meditation, the instruction is “Closing the eyes, focus the mind and sight inbetween the eyebrows”. Initially some may have a bit of trouble trying to keep the eyeballs on one point. That’s because the eyeballs tend to move parallelly always.

Babaji advises, “Remain relaxed, don’t get confused trying to locate this point.” “Even if both are at a distance, not coming immediately into the central point, no problem. First, steady the eyeballs so its movement stops for a while, that is more important.” When the eyeballs become steady they hold the mind there and the mind can stop.

This is important for the meditation to happen and the mind to become quiet and under control.

Making the eyeballs steady and keeping them still takes patience. If the mind runs off into thoughts, we gently bring it back, if it runs off, we gently bring it back. Slowly but surely, as we have that patience with ourselves, the mind starts to become more concentrated, steady and quiet.

Watch Babaji talk about keeping the eyeballs and mind steady in the short video below.
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