Relax, be at peace, forget the outside world

By adopting a habit of sitting down to meditate and keeping quiet mentally, we can overcome the habits of the mind to be restless and run away.

Here is an answer that the Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi gave during one of the live Zoom Q+As that have been taking place every Saturday online.

Question: How do I maintain focus for a longer duration while meditating?


More practice is required. When you sit down for meditation, relax, be at peace, forget the outside world. At the time of meditation all you have to do is keep quiet mentally – remind yourself of this point. There is nothing else for you to attend. If there is any problem, any other needs in the world, you can attend after the meditation. Like this, when you feel determined and just watch again it’s like a dual battle – mind runs and you try to bring it back just by watching, watching, watching. By consistent practice; practice is the thing which can make you perfect. That is the only way really that one has to understand. By being habitual. Now the mind has acquired habits to run away, so you have to acquire habits to make it remain quiet and remain focused.

Watch the full video of this Q+A on YouTube.

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