Moving forwards

‘The past is over and it’s not going to come back under any circumstances so there’s no point in simply brooding and feeling pain. Instead let me look for my future, let me become more positive.’

 ‘A past is meant so that we can learn from any mistakes we had made. Other than that we can let it go’.

These are the simple truths Meditation Master Babaji has said about the past which can be possible to realise when we adopt a regular meditation practice.

A beautiful future could be waiting for us if we can stop any brooding and focus all our mental attention in the present moment. That is what we are training for in meditation. The mind lets go of all its negative habits and imaginations and simply becomes absorbed in the present. That is when we would be able to experience the best peace and understand ourselves much better.

A daily practice of meditation neutralises the mind into the present moment, making it easier to manage the rest of the day. Life becomes very positive – we can deal with the pressures of life without wasting our energies worrying and brooding. We can accept situations better and always keep moving forwards with confidence.

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