The mind’s attention goes to itself

The mind is our conscious energy. Whatever object we apply the mind on we become aware of that.

When we lose attention, we lose that awareness. For example, when we read a book, our eyes may be following the words, but if our mind is elsewhere, thinking about dinner later or roaming the streets outside then nothing of the meaning of the words will be entering our mind. So the mind’s attention also has to be there – then our awareness is there.

In meditation we practice applying our attention. But we don’t bring the attention to our thoughts. The attention goes within, to our mind itself.

Normally we are so preoccupied with our thoughts. One thought after another comes and we become sucked into a whirlpool of thoughts. These constant imaginations lead to worries and stress and our mind becomes out of our control. Even if we think of a good thought, it can easily slip into a negative thought.

As we keep focusing our attention in meditation by just watching what comes up and not getting involved, our attention goes from the thoughts to our mind itself. We become aware of this mind itself. As Meditation Master Babaji says, ‘If you become aware of yourself, then you will discover you are always at peace, you are that source of peace.’

With a regular practice there are so many benefits we can gain; better concentration, less stress and more peace and contentment in the mind. We would be able to maintain that peace even with the challenges of daily life. The new year is always a great opportunity to start afresh and pick up the practice of meditation to achieve peace for yourself. Our online courses and sessions are every week, all free of charge.

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