Let’s be grateful that the thorns have roses

The way we see the world can differ from person to person.

One may be negative, picking up only on the bad points and brooding about them, or another may be positive and pick up on the positive points, having an optimistic attitude.

This attitude is very important for maintaining our peace of mind. We may have expectations for things to happen in a certain way – when they don’t happen the way we want we become unhappy. But when we are positive we would understand this is not necessary. All we are doing is letting our mind go out of control so that we suffer mentally – creating an unpleasant situation for ourselves and a negative destiny also.

Meditation Master Babaji mentions ‘We need to be grateful that the thorns have roses, let’s not grumble that the roses have thorns.’

When we meditate regularly we can cleanse the mind and overcome its negativity. That positivity naturally comes. Life becomes peaceful and enjoyable.


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