Meditation can be fun (video)

Establishing a daily meditation practice requires a positive attitude. When we sit and start to meditate, many thoughts may rise up which try to disturb us. But, as Meditation Master Babaji says,

“Don’t look at the top of the Mount Everest; step one by one if you go on, it will be fun. So you have undertaken a task, you have accepted the challenge. And that’s it. You are also a champion. The opponent also is a champion. The illusion is also a champion, it has its own power. But you don’t have to lose your heart. You don’t become depressed. You’re also a champion. You fight it out like a tennis match, I tell. You hit, let him hit, you hit. And use your wisdom always. Like that be positive. So then it will be fun when you sit for meditation. You will look forward every day to sit.”

As Babaji also says, ‘if we think it’s hard it appears hard. If we think it is easy, it appears easy.’ It depends on the attitude of our mind. All we have to do is stay patient, enjoy the process and continue with our daily efforts. Before long we can gain the upper hand and the mind will recede and come under our control.

Click on the image below to watch the video.
(Subtitles are available by clicking on the ‘cc’ button at the bottom of the video).

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