A new year, a new start

When we meditate we give ourselves the opportunity to bring attention to our own mind.

Instead of the mind constantly getting involved into its own imaginations and becoming a restless monkey jumping from one thought to another and going into cravings and worries, if our attention goes within it can become quiet and peaceful.

Meditation is that practice to cool the mind down and purify itself of all the habits it has picked up since time immemorial. We will be able to think when we want with the best focus and then be quiet and at peace when we don’t need to think. Thus we can live a stress-free enjoyable life and also eventually understand the real existence of who we are.

As Meditation Master Babaji says,

‘When you meditate, through meditation the mind recedes. When you get up from the meditation the mind will remain calm. You’ll be able to use the mind more effectively and you can control the mind. If you meditate then the mind automatically gains that ability. So you can use meditation as the blanket remedy to be used in the everyday life’.


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